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How to Get GTA 5 Icon for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Get free Gta v icons in iOS, Material, Windows and other design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects. These free images are pixel perfect to fit your design and available in both PNG and vector. Download icons in all formats or edit them for your designs.

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Hello everyone,I was wandering whether anyone could help with this issue i have been having for many days now...The problem is that mod menus like native trainer which comes with the script hook v has an internet explorer icon.When i first downloaded script hook v, everything was working as it should do, the native trainer had like a file icon instead of an internet explorer logo and was working properly.So i started to be more ambitious and started to download mods like hempus and crusader, which were online. But when they downloaded they had an internet explorer logo, and didn't work. So i deleted script hook b to see if that was the problem, but it didn't resolve anything. So when i went to download it back, the native trainer had an internet explorer icon. I still went ahead and copied into the gta 5 directory but it didn't work. I've tried so many things like downloading win.RAR to open asi files but nothing seems to work.I would really appreciate any kind of advice or problem solvers.Thank you very much

Most likely all the files with IE icons are .lnk files, or internet shortcuts. Switch your Windows Explorer view to details and check the file sizes. They're probably going to be very small, as in just a few kb.If that's the case, you're not actually downloading the files but saving the web address.

Its not the fact that it i need to open it, its that when my native trainer had like a file icon (not to be mistaken for a notepad symbol), it worked and whenever i see youtube videos of how to install them, the youtubers native trainer and all the other mods have file icons and work. But when they have an internet explorer icon or anything other than a file icon they dont.I even tried downloading it on my microsoft surface 3.When i downloaded it on my surface, it had a file icon.So i extracted those files into a memory stick and plugged it into my laptop. But as i viewd my memory sticks directory, the file icon changed into an internet explorer icon on my laptop but remained as a file icon on my surface...I am seriously clueless..Thankyou very much for getting back to me, i would highly appreciate any more feedback.

You set the opening default program to Internet explorer. Right click any .asi mod and go to properties. You will see the default opening program would be Internet Explorer. Also file icons DONT matter. Seriously dude, thats the basics of IT

@Cobra-SJB As I've already mentioned - it doesn't really matter. You never have to open this file, it doesn't matter at all if it has an Internet Explorer icon. If you install it correctly, you will be able to run scripts.

Could i ask why does everyone elses asi files have file icons, what causes them?Because like i said i fully appreciate your statement and am aware that your probably right but when my asi file did have a file icon it worked, now it has an internet explorer icon it doesnt. You can probably see my concern, especially because everyone else has a file icon.

I have downloaded the game of steam and load up the game via a shortcut on my desktop...So its called grand theft auto 5.exe if thats any help...i will follow the steps to make sure, thankyou

hello, im having the same problem but with car mods. When i try and download them off the website it downloads them with an internet explorer logo next to it and when i click on it to view the instructions of how to install it wont let me open and asks me again if i want to open or save. I have tried both options even trying to save it as something different but still no luck. All's i want is download to open as a file instead of having the internet explorer logo next to it.

To create a shortcut, select the game in Games Explorer for which you want to create a shortcut. Drag the game to your desktop. The shortcut will be created on your desktop.If you have installed the game but the icon for the game is not displayed in Games Explorer, you can manually create a shortcut from the game folder. To do this, follow these steps:

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After you install Games for Windows on Windows Vista, the shortcuts to the games are located in the Games Explorer folder. The Games Explorer folder is the central location for all the games on the computer. In the Games Explorer folder, you can find and open the games that are installed on the computer, download game information, and keep track of the games that you have played most recently.Windows uses the Games Explorer folder to combine your game titles into one easy-to-use location. The Games Explorer folder is the central location for all the games on your computer. It also gives you additional information about your games, and options for your games by letting you do the following:

@EnergeticSheep I really wish that I can have an M4A1 with your Glock and the taser X26 in the same wheel. If you can do it, it'll be appreciated.Taser:

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to say that all my mods have been updated to the latest GTA version (Festive Surprise of 2015). I've also compiled all my coloring mods (Weapons, Radio and Map Blips) into a single one, which you can download here: :)

@wadeaskend Please try installing only the Colored Weapon Icons 3.0 mod, found here: - so far, that's the only updated mod. I'll update these two later today :)

@wadeaskend lease try installing only the Colored Weapon Icons 3.0 mod, found here: - so far, that's the only updated mod. I'll update these two later today :) is free, but hosting and developing requires some money. Please support us by adding an exception in your Ad blocker settings or donating to offset lost revenue. If you donate your Account will be Lifetime Ad free.

There are endless possibilities when you break out of the standardized conditional formats and incorporate icons into your data and charts. I personally use a cheat sheet I created some time ago and have it printed and hanging on my cubicle wall next to my computer.

I quickly touched on a couple of ways I use icon fonts to make my data look more professional and understandable. I would love for you to leave a comment below and describe how you are planning on using icon fonts in your next project. Your experience or thoughts will help the whole TSG community (including myself) get ideas on how to improve our work. Thanks for stopping by!

Icons8 is a piece of software that allows you to insert icons into your app?s user interface. Icons8 has an extensive library of pre-created icons for you to choose from. This software is free and easy to use. Downloading and installing is very simple. The software lets you search by tags, and it only takes two seconds to search an icon and add it to your work. Icons8 has different sizes that you can choose from, which are 25x25 to 512x512. The software works with Windows, Android and iOS7. It has a number of different formats. All the vector icons are not included within the software, but they are available for download for a fee.

Obviously, if you are looking for the most fluidity when creating your new icons then why not just go straight to the source, right? Elgato has pretty much covered all the bases from an icon standpoint, with a high level of customization for them.

Visuals by Impulse is a graphic design company centered around streamers and gamers alike. They are currently offering nine unique styles of stream deck icons (examples above) for free on their website!

You simply select which package you would like, add it to your cart (free of charge), & checkout! Once the order is filled, you will have access to download all the stream icons in that deck! Most of them even have multiple options on color schemes, as well as light/dark variations.

Aurora is an icon pack created by Nerd or Die with over 220 icons provided and claim to always be looking to add more! They lean towards catering to streamers, content creators and other related professionals.

However, since it is only a suggested price you can type in $0.00 in order to receive the icons for free. If it were me then I would probably just cough up the 2 bucks, since I appreciate being offered something useful to my craft!

The icons are compatible with the standard Stream Deck MK.2 and MK.1, Stream Deck Mini, Stream Deck XL, Stream Deck mobile, Touch Portal and a few more not listed. On top of all this, they also offer a demo video on how to integrate the photoshop (.PSD) template in order to fully customize your icon buttons (similar to the Elgato Gaming Key Creator).

This pack is similar to the last source we spoke about in the sense that both of them include a (.PSD) Photoshop file in order to customize your own icons and integrate the freebies into the exact form you desire!

The Apps screen displays all applications installed on your device, both preloaded apps and apps you download and install yourself. Learn how to change the way apps appear, organize apps into folders, and uninstall or disable apps.

For years, Google has provided Android phones with unmatched customizability. Every major update brings a new opportunity to tweak how your phone looks and works. The Android 12 update lets you alter every feature, right down to the app icon colors on your homescreen. While customizable functionalities are important, they can be overkill sometimes.

With Apple, simplicity is key, and most features appear the same on iPhones even if you upgrade to the latest iOS version. But iPhones are expensive, and no one wants to break the bank to switch from Android to iOS. If you don't want to make the change, here are five easy ways to recreate the iPhone's iconic homescreen on your device. You can also transform your iPhone to an Android in minutes.


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