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Strata Media Buying Tutorial

Our PartnershipData from our Webcast Metrics Local online audio audience measurement platform is integrated into the Strata media buying system, enabling buyers to efficiently add premium audio inventory to their buys.

strata media buying tutorial

In advertising, Media Buying is the process of actualizing the Media Plan which includes buying strategy, media research, RFPs, insertion orders (IOs), performance tracking, vendor bill reconciliation, and campaign reporting.

Most of us have some awareness of TV media buying, the process by which advertisers purchase time to run their commercials, but the media buying definition covers a much wider spectrum of media purchases than even that.

When engaged in direct buying, a media buyer reaches out directly to a specific publication, website, or other advertising entity to hash out the price and other details of their desired ad placement. Direct buying can, therefore, be more customizable than other methods of bulk or targeted media buying in advertising (like programmatic media buying), but it can also be significantly more time-consuming.

Though they may seem different, the practices of media planning and buying are connected on a fundamental level, so much so that the process of media planning could be considered the first and arguably most important step in the process of media buying itself.

In other words, if the media buying definition encompasses the entire process of purchasing ad space, the media planning definition would encompass the entire process of selecting which ad space to purchase.

And modern media buyers come in many forms. There are large media buying agencies, small media buying companies, and even online digital media buying platforms designed to facilitate direct media purchases by brands or advertisers.

Take the time to keep an eye on the cold hard stats. This affords media planners and buyers the opportunity to change their media buying strategies mid-stream, so that they may be able to correct errors in their initial plans before too much damage is done. 041b061a72


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