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Product Information:

Material: This charming mushroom tapestry wall hanging is crafted from high-quality flannel, ensuring both softness and durability.

Main Component of Fabric : The primary fabric used in this tapestry is cotton, known for its comfort and natural appeal.

Main Ingredient Content of Fabric: Made with 100% cotton fabric, you can trust that this tapestry is not only cozy but also environmentally friendly.

Style: Immerse your living space in the enchanting beauty of Nordic style with this mushroom tapestry. Its design exudes a rustic charm that will complement a wide range of interior styles.

The shape: The tapestry is in a classic rectangular shape, making it easy to hang and fit into various spaces in your home.

Packing List:
Tapestry: 1 piece

Transform your living space with this exquisite mushroom tapestry wall hanging. Crafted from soft flannel and featuring a 100% cotton composition, this Nordic-style masterpiece will add a touch of nature's beauty to your home. Its rectangular shape ensures versatility, allowing you to adorn your walls, create cozy nooks, or use it as a decorative throw. Unpack, hang, and let the enchantment of mushrooms embrace your space.

Enhance your home decor with this captivating mushroom tapestry today! Please note that the product description can be customized further based on your specific requirements or target audience.

Meditative Mushroom Tapestry

SKU: 1544716780
PriceFrom $11.23
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