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Pou Full Mod APK: Cómo cuidar de tu mascota virtual con todo gratis

You get here to fully experience the process of raising a very caring and loving pet. A virtual pet is allocated that helps you in the entertainment, and you have to take care of Pou's development. Enjoy with him the freedom of living a relaxed and loving life. You have to take care of Pou in many ways leading to his welfare like food, drinks, health, playing, sound, talking, and more for his development. Take utmost care of Pou as we do in reality, as all the elements lead the way to the natural approach.

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In this game there are a lot of levels that you have to unlock and you can only unlock them by taking good care of your pet so it is so important for you to take care of your pet in order to level up. It is so enjoyable and full of fun.

By taking good care of your Pou you will be rewarded with a lot of achievements and coins and by using those coins you can easily customize your Pou and this will help you to make your game beautiful and full of fun and you will get addicted to this game because of its remarkable features.

Just as every human has a need, so too does animals. These are animals, so they also need to eat and drink to stay alive. You have to feed your stomach animal with full stomach food, you can feed it if you have it available. Such as fries, veggies, cakes, cookies, and many more types of foods. You also have to bathe your animal so that it remains a neat and a clean. By doing this, your Pou is also happy and also plays with you.

Create a Pou perspective and experiment with it. You have a virtual puppy or pet in the Pou Mod apk that looks extremely elegant and provides you with a lot of love. You can create its outlook with many modifications and customs to entirely alter how it seems and feels each time.Goggles, specs, hair colors, gowns, eye lenses, hairbands, nose ornaments, and many other accessories are available to wear and have fun with. Additionally, in order to fully enjoy these accessories with your pet, prizes and bonus points must be acquired.

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